Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Top Ten Reasons I Love Scott!!

Valentine's Day is coming up so I changed our blog header and put a lovey dovey picture of Scott and I:) I love Valentine's Day...the day of in honor of this upcoming holiday, here are the top ten reasons I love my hubby, Scott!

10. Scott is devoted and loyal and puts his family first before anyone or anything else.

9. Scott is extremely prayerful. He prays on his knees many times a day and truly inquires of the Lord regarding everything in our family's life.

8. He gives me great back massages.

7. He works hard for our family and is a good provider.

6. He is always willing to watch the kids when I go places at night so I can have a break (did I mention the Sunday afternoon naps:)...he tells me to go in and take a nap after church, even though I know he would like to be able to as well.

5. Scott is neat and organized

4. I love to watch him interact with our kids...especially playing with Tanner and Logan building Lincoln Log or Lego cities or teaching them to work in the yard mowing the grass, raking leaves, etc.

3. Scott allows me the freedom to pursue my interests. He is always supportive of everything I do.

4. He is always aware and concerned for our family's health.

3. He has been a good example to me in the principles of tithing and fasting. He does these with exact obedience.

2. I enjoy whenever we go on dates together and can talk and just spend time together.

1. And the #1 reason I Love My Hubby Scottie is because we are eternal companions and will be together forever. We were married 12 years ago in the Washington D.C. temple. I love you Scottie!!


  1. Your kids are blessed by how much you and Scott love them and each other. I love all the sweet new entries!

  2. What a great husband you have! :) You guys are a great couple.