Friday, March 19, 2010

Kensington Field Trip

Today I went on a fieldtrip with Logan and Tanner's kindergarten class to Kensington to see how maple syrup is made. I love the last picture...Logan tripped over a tree root and hurt his knee and started his teacher Mrs. Tamblyn was comforting him. I know it was bad that I took a picture...but I thought it was precious:)
We had a perfect weather day...beautiful sunshine. I'm loving that it is warming up...welcome spring!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hartland Pool

Today the boys didn't have school due to a teacher development we headed to the Hartland Pool to beat the winter blues:) We had a great time! It felt like summer, if only for an hour:)

French Pedicure

I am 34 years old and I just got my first professional pedicure yesterday:) It was wonderful! Thanks to my friends Alison and Laurel for passing on a gift certificate to me and watching my kids...I became the lucky recipient of a morning of pampering getting a pedicure. I chose the french pedi since I can't really do that myself. The rest of the day I kept rubbing my feet together because they were so silky smooth:) I feel thoroughly spoiled! I know this is probably a funny blog post...but I figure if I don't put it on here, probably no one else will ever see my toes because it's so stinkin' cold here that I won't be wearing sandals for about another three months! haha

Happy Winter!

This post is for all my friends and family that live somewhere warm. See what you're missing out on!...making snowmen, shoveling the driveway, snowball fights, snowdays, and much more! (My sister Brenda who lives in Arizona is probably cold just looking at these pictures:) While I may complain a little about the snow, Scott and the boys have fun in it:)...Notice in the second picture the snowball headed straight for Scott's face?:) What a good dad to go out and play with them in the freezing cold:) Mallory and Preston and I were just wimps and watched from inside:) Happy Winter!