Thursday, February 18, 2010

Holocaust Memorial Museum

On Monday, Scott had the day off for Presidents Day so after the boys came home from school we went to the Holocaust Memorial Musuem. Unfortunately they wouldn't allow cameras in the museum so this is the only picture I have, but it was a very interesting field trip for us.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone! I love Valentine's's just one of those low-stress, fun holidays that makes everyone smile. Our Valentine's Weekend started with Logan and Tanner's class party at school that I was able to help with. They loved writing out each of their Valentine's to their friends and getting them from their friends that day. I made some fun Valentine Goody Bags for the kids to wake up to that morning. Scott spoiled me with beautiful flowers, yummy chocolates, and some romancin';) Logan asked if he could stay up late the night before Valentine's Day to make a heart cake for his siblings...I thought that was really nice of him to be thoughtful like that. All in all it was a great weekend with lots of hugs, kisses, and love. (most of the time;)

Sledding at Kensington

Last Saturday Scott and I took the kids to Kensington to do some serious sledding. We bundled up, grabbed our sleds, and were off. I'm not much of a "winter outdoors-y mom" and usually don't enjoy snowball fights, snowman building, or anything that may get me cold in the slightest...but I have to say I had more fun sledding than I have had in a long time. It was such a blast. Kensington has by far the best sledding hills around. They have a baby hill for toddlers, a bunny hill for beginners, a medium hill, a medium/advanced, and advanced, as well as two toboggan runs. We tried all of them multiple times. Logan and Tanner were so brave and just went down all by themsleves so many times. They didn't even really mind the walk back up because it just meant they got to go down again! (Although I have to say, the walk back up for me was more exercise than I've had in a Loooong time!)...I was sore the next day. Between the sore leg muscles from walking up the hills and the bruised rear end from hitting all the bumps going down, I was quickly reminded that I'm getting old! But it really was fun...good old fashioned, michigan winter fun...and we loved every minute of it:)!!!

The Story Behind our Kids Names...

I posted this on our extended family I thought I'd post it here too. This is the reason for our chilren's names:

TANNER MCKAY: When Scott came to visit me at BYU we went to church where my ward met in the Tanner Building. We were at church and both mentioned that we liked the name Tanner. As we later walked around the BYU campus and I showed him the McKay building where my education classes were held, we mentioned that we liked the name McKay and that David O. McKay a favorite prophet for both of us. We especially liked the way he always treated his wife like a queen (a quality we hoped our future son would have). Later when we were first married I had a little boy in my sunbeam class named Tanner who was just darling that reminded us how much we liked the name Tanner. I'm not sure of the meaning of either name.

LOGAN TAYLOR: When Scott and I were in Utah we visited Logan, Utah and the Logan Temple. While we were there we both commented that we liked the name Logan. It just kind of stuck as a name we liked. Taylor came in Stake Conference while I was pregnant. We were listening to the speakers and writing/doodling names back and forth to each other trying to think of a middle name. We had decided since Tanner's middle name was after a prophet, we thought it only fair that Logan's was too. So we wrote down all the prophets first and last names and decided that out of all of them, Taylor was the best one. I know, kind of weird, but true:) I'm not sure of the meaning of either name.

MALLORY RENEE: We picked Mallory because that was our ultrasound tech's daughter's name...hehe. When we were getting the ultrasound I told her that I had two boys already and that I was hoping there would be a girl in there this time around:) I jokingly said that if she could tell me there was a girl in there that I'd name it after her:) Well after telling us we were having one girl, she mentioned that her daughter's name was Mallory. I really liked it and it stuck. The next time we went in we told her that we were naming the girl Mallory:) And then for her middle name...I never thought of naming her anything but Renee. That is my middle name, my mom's middle name, and my Grammy's middle name. We are all the first I knew if I had a daughter I'd give her the middle name of Renee. Perhaps she will pass on the name to her first daughter I hope.

PRESTON SCOTT: Scott was very close with a family from Virginia that also moved to Michigan around the same time he did. They were kind of his family when he came here...his "home away from home". They had a little boy named Preston that was adorable. After visiting their family one time we talked about the name Preston for a boy and that has always been a favorite name of ours. And obviously Preston's middle name is after Scott:)

So I guess I don't really know the meanings behind the names, but they have stories kind of:) What are the stories behind your children's names??


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Popcorn Popping for FHE

Monday night for Family Home Evening I taped the kids singing popcorn popping (all except Tanner who was too shy to do it for the camera:) It's kind of dark because it was night time and my camera doesn't do too well with videos...but thought it was somewhat blog worthy:)


Happy Birthday Scottie!

Happy Belated Birthday to Scottie:)! His birthday was last Saturday so we went to Outback (his favorite restaurant) for dinner and had are a couple pics...

"Fancy Mallory"

I have terribly neglected my blog lately...sorry! (As I know you are all waiting on pins and needles for my next blog entry:)
Last week we went to the Milford Library for a "Fancy Nancy" party. For those of you who haven't heard of Fancy Nancy...she is a little girl in a book series that dresses up all fancy/'s really cute. So all the little girls were to come dressed up like Fancy Nancy. They had crafts, tea party food, games, stories, etc. Lots of girly fun:)
And Preston had to come and party with all the little girls...the first picture is of him being gross showing me his food...isn't he so proper and polite??
Sorry the pictures are turned...I'm too lazy to turn them, so just turn your head:)