Friday, September 3, 2010

Our New House

So our newest news is that we bought a house! We moved in officially August 21st and are still slowly getting settled in. Here's a pic of our new home...Now that we are moved in I'll have to take updated pictures of the inside and post them. We are adjusting and enjoying....:) Come visit!!

Trip Out West

I have been soooooo bad about blogging lately!... I haven't posted in nearly two months...and so much has happened since then. It's hard to do a nutshell version, but I'll try:) At the end of July we went on a vacation out west for two family reunions. We drove to southern Utah near Zion's canyon for the first reunion (my dad's side), then up near yellowstone park in Idaho for the second reunion (my mom's side). It was an amazing trip!...We did soooo much in those two weeks and had such a fabulous time! I love all my family so much and am so grateful for this time we had with them reconnecting and having amazing adventures and tons of fun!! Here are just a few pictures of the hundreds that I took!!

We did LOTS of swimming in lots of different pools at the various hotels and resorts!!
Mallory and Preston cuddling up in the hotel bed in SLC. We stayed in seven different places over the course of the two weeks:)

An intense family game of fuseball

Par of the "Lowe" family...missing Tami, Kathy, and Brian and families (wish they could have timed the birth of their babies better:) haha!!

Most of my dad's side of the family

Our little can tell the kids love picture time:)

My lil sis Brenda and I!! Loved spending lots of time with her

Picture of us on the cabin balcony with the beautiful view in the background

Our whole family

My little fish...they LOVE swimming!

Finally in Utah (after 30 hours of driving or so)...

Swimming in a hotel in Madison, WI on the way home

We visited Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota on the way home

Family picture at the Johnson Reunion

Whole group (I picked the wrong picture here...not sure what I'm doing in this one:)

Relaxing in the hammock (babies don't seem to be loving it)

Four generation picture. We are all the oldest daughters and all have the middle name of Renee

Tanner indoor rock climbing

Just before we went whitewater rafting

Visiting my brother Brian and his wife Kelsey. Since this picture was taken, Kelsey had her new niece, baby Kensi:)