Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Note from Mallory's Nursery Teacher

We have two nurseries in our ward. It's funny, but they have them divided kind of into a boy nursery and a girl nursery:) So Preston and Mallory have different nursery teachers. Mallory's teachers are Linda Stoffers and Lavon Maiersperger. They are so sweet and loving, they plan so well, and give them laminated handouts each week:) They truly are amazing. They send her things in the mail when she misses a Sunday. Mallory smiles whenever she sees them.

Anyways, today Lavon was telling me about Mallory when I picked her up, saying she was such a helper:) Then tonight she sent me this message on facebook. I thought I'd share it. I know this is a totally "mom-bragging" moment, but I hope you don't mind. It's just nice to hear and brings me joy. I love Mallory so much and am glad she is so loved by her primary teachers. Here is what Lavon wrote:

"The other thing I was going to tell you about Mallory is today when Linda handed out props for a song, she would hand one to Mallory and she would look around and give it to one of the kids who didn't have one then go back to Linda to get another one for someone else. That is NOT NORMAL!!! Especially for a less than 2 year old!!!! When you give something to the kids most of them would be possessive and keep the one given them. Your example has been AMAZING for Mallory. She is going to be a little Relief Society President when she is 5. She'll probably be class president every year. At first I thought of her as one of the littlest ones there where you just hope they get something from the older ones listening but she sings along with the older ones, knows words to hard songs, and just is so engaged in everything we do. Not just to listen but she seems to be thinking "what can I do with this information". I mean I see her over and over act on things that are said in ways that are beyond her age. She is a DOLL and Amazing. Today was also SO cute. When we went to put the toys away in the closet some of the kids carried the little bins and I was in the hall when I saw 2 full big tubs being pushed out the door and once they were out I saw it was Mallory pushing them. I couldn't believe it!!! She chose the biggest thing to help with and just pushed it along slowly even steering it in the right direction. She must be such a great help at home already and I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have as she gets older. Thanks for sharing her with us!"

Isn't that so nice of her to write that!

Ladies Man!

I'm not sure I'm ready for this...but Tanner has a girlfriend! haha It's only been about two weeks of school, but I keep hearing from Tanner more and more about a little girl named Elisabeth. Tanner comes home and tells me about they play together at recess, walk together in the line at school, sit together everyday on the bus, etc. It was Tanner's day to go get the milk from the cafeteria and pass out the snack, and he picked Elisabeth to help him. But I'd never met her until tonight. This evening was Tanner and Logan's school open house and family picnic. While we were there, Tanner saw Elisabeth and just lit up when he saw her:) They proceeded to spend the entire time together playing and talking. It was soooooo cute. I met her parents and they seem like a nice family. Her mom said, "from what I hear from Elisabeth, her and Tanner are attached at the hip".

The thing that is weird about this is that this friendship is totally Tanner and Elisabeth and doesn't include Logan. While Tanner and Elisabeth were playing, I could tell Logan felt totally left out and didn't know what to do with himself. He's not used to being by himself without Tanner. The boys had another little girl that they both played with in pre-school that we did some playdates with, but this's just Tanner and not Logan...interesting dynamics...maybe this is foreshadowing for what highschool will be like:) Anyway, here are a few pictures of Tanner with his new friend:)...

Brian and Kelsey!

My little brother is getting married! I can't believe me, he is stil 12 years old:) I still remember when my mom brought him home from the hospital...we would set the timer and each take turns holding him throughout the day because we all wanted to hold him:) I am 11 years older than Brian so I spent alot of time actually taking care of him:)...and now he's old enough to get married!

I am so excited to fly out for the's exactly two weeks away (October 8th). Brian is marrying Kelsey Hansen. He met her here in Michigan before he went on his mission and then they have dated the past year in Utah where they are both going to school. They are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. I've never been inside the Salt Lake Temple, so I am excited about that too! I'm also looking forward to seeing alot of my family again. So stay tuned for two weeks from now for wedding photos:)....


Oops! My previous post was totally out of order...the text and pictures don't line up...I think it reversed everything somehow. One of these days I'll figure out this blogging thing:)


Relief Society Women's Retreat in Kirtland

This last weekend our Relief Society had a wonderful retreat to Kirtland! It was such a wonderful weekend. It was so nice to be able to spend time bonding with other sisters, having fun together, touring Kirtland, and having a wonderful spiritual experience.

We started out by meeting up and getting into our assigned cars. I really enjoyed getting to know the sisters in my car that sometimes I don't always get a chance to get to know that well. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive until we got to Kirtland. We were delighted to arrive at the place we stayed. It was a sprawling, beautiful home that belongs to friends of our retreat organizer, Lavon Maiersperger. Our hosts opened their home generously to about 40 women...and we had a blast. We started the night with hot-tubbing, eating junkfood:), making smores outside at the bonfire, talking, laughing, playing games, and just generally having fun. Here are a few pictures of the night...

The next day we got up early, got ready, enjoyed a yummy breakfast, and headed out to tour Kirtland. We visited the school house, the visitors center, the ashery, the Morley Farm, school of the Prophets, Newell K. Whitney store, etc. and heard misisonary speakers and things. It was neat to learn more about the early saints of the church and all their sacrifice.

After touring Kirtland, we returned to have a yummy gourmet lunch. Then we finished the retreat by going to the Kirtland Temple grounds for a wonderful talk by our stake president and a spiritual testimony meeting. It was a really great weekend! I came away feeling uplifted, rejuvinated, and connected.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Henry Ford Museum

On Monday, for Labor Day, our family went to the Henry Ford Museum. We had a great time. I love learning about history, and Logan and Tanner just soak it up whenever I explain anything to them about history. We enjoyed seeing so many things there. Here are just a few pictures...I took way too usual:)

Logan and Tanner's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the long awaited day!....Tanner and Logan's first day of kindergarten! We went yesterday to the orientation where Scott and I went with them to see their classroom, meet their teacher and get all the needed info. Then today the boys got on the bus for the first time...which they have been sooooo excited about. They were prepared with flowers in hand. Having been a teacher myself, I believe in kissing up right from the start:) It was kind of funny...this morning Scott went in late to work so he could video tape the boys getting on the bus. Well, after they got on and rode away, he looked down and realized the video camera was on pause the whole time....bummer!

I've had such mixed emotions. All week I've been a little bit sentimental about them going off to kindergarten...while at the same time rejoicing in the new found "freedom" of the prospect of only having two kids each morning. Today I went to Target and it was like a dream! For those moms of one or two kids...they may take this for granted, but after having to pack up and take four kids with me to every store all over town and just trying to manage getting things done while meeting the needs of four little kids...I am so excited about this prospect of not feeling quite so "stretched". Am I a selfish mom for not crying as they rode away today?? haha

When they came home, they were so excited to tell me about every part of their day. Anyways, here are some pics of them waiting for and getting on the bus. Sorry they are turned...I keep forgetting to turn them before I upload them and am too lazy to fix them right now:)

Our Nation's Capitol

We recently went to Virginia to visit Scott's family. While we were there, the weather was gorgeous, so we took advantage of it and headed into Washington DC to see the mall and the patriotic sites. We saw the national monument and went all the way to the top of it. The boys liked that the best:) We also saw the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the new World War II Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the reflecting pool. We did ALOT of walking that day. The boys were good sports and didn't complain at all about having to walk so much...

There is so much to see and do in DC. We try to take one day each time we go to VA to do something in DC (about 1 1/2 hours from Scott's parents). Next time we are planning to tour the White HOuse and the Capitol Builing....and go back to the temple we were married in at in DC to show our kids where we were married:)

Time to Make the Zucchini Bread

It's harvest time and we have been pulling things out of the garden to use. These pictures are from a couple weeks ago...Logan and Tanner helped me shred all the zucchini so we could make six loaves of zucchini bread. We decided to do "doorbell ditches" or "ring-n-run's"...and this has become one of the boys favorite Family Home Evenings:) We dropped zucchini bread at various ward member's houses and then rang the doorbell and ran and tried to get away without them seeing us. The boys loved the excitement of trying not to get caught (although three of the families "caught" us:). Oh, and I think I put on a pic of our beans and chives....anyways...