Friday, June 27, 2008

Pretty in Pink...and Rollerskating:)

Ok, so I love this little outfit of Mallory's...had to share it:) Pretty in Pink! The boys new thing this summer seems to be rollerskating. We've tried a few times before but they would just hold on the the side and didn't want me to leave their side. Now, all of a sudden, they are loving skating and use the rollerblades and skate all over the rink by themselves. They are very proud of their new-found skating independence:) So here are a few pics of them skating, doing the Hokey Pokey, and Tanner with Roller-roo:)

Also, my sister informed me that I needed a "blog-lift" because I never change my header picture or background:) So she put a more summer-y picture as our header and changed the background...and I am giving her permission to take control of the cosmetic part of my thanks everyone will be able to enjoy updated backgrounds...something I don't seem to have time to do:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kensington Beach and Farm Center

Yesterday I braved taking all the kids to the beach at Kensington. It was such a perfect weather day...sunny, not too hot...gentle breezes:) The boys had a blast and just played for hours...and I have to admit I enjoyed it probably more than they did!...(days like yesterday certainly make up for all the days this winter that I was stuck inside pulling my hair out:)!! Anyways, afterwards we stopped by the Farm Center...just in time for the boys to try their hand at milking a cow!...they enjoyed looking at all the animals...:)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day!

This evening we celebrated Father's Day:) Sundays always seem so crazy for us, while Saturdays are more tonight I made one of Scott's favorite meals...Talarini...the boys and I made him a cake (it says #1 DAD, although it's hard to tell cuz it's all scrunched:)...then we sent him on a treasure hunt around the house to find his presents and cards and stuff. Although a bit cheesy, I think Scott liked it:) He's a great Dad!

Hamburg Family Fun Fest

Today we went to the Hamburg Family Fun Fest. It was a beautiful day...the boys especially liked the petting zoo they had set up there. Here, the boys are petting the camel. I was amazed that the petting zoo had camels, kangaroos, alpacas, goats, sheep, well as other animals to look at...monkeys, sloths, lemurs, foxes, alligators, snakes, etc. At the fun fest they also had an antique fire truck show. Since the boys love animals and fire trucks, they were in heaven! The last picture is of Tanner's trucks he built last night...he was so proud:)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ashley Court Nursing Home

Today we went to Ashley Court Nursing Home for church playgroup. It was a great experience. Logan and Tanner had never done anything like that before so I was glad we had the opportunity to visit. The residents loved watching all the kids and babies and I think we really brightened their day by being there.

Logan seemed to feel pretty comfortable and introduced himself and talked to all the people. Tanner on the other hand was nervous about it and was more shy/scared. Check out Tanner's face in the fourth picture...funny!

The last picture is of one of the ladies holding Preston. It was such a precious sight...generations uniting from both sides of the spectrum of life. The lady kept laughing and laughing and Preston just kept touching her face. It was such a tender moment, I started to get teary just watching it:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Brighton Fishing Derby at the Millpond

Today we went to the Brighton fishing derby at the Millpond and Scott taught the boys how to fish:) They really enjoyed it despite not catching anything:)

Heat Wave!

For those of you not in Michigan, we are having a HEAT wave! It's been hot and yesterday I put all four kids in their swimsuits and we spent the afternoon outside playing in the sprinkler, watering the garden, and the boys had a "carwash" with their toys...lots of fun!

Memorial Day in Virginia!

We went to Virginia for Memorial are a couple pics of us riding around on Scott's Dad's 4-wheeler, taking the boys for wagon rides, the boys swimming with their cousins in their underwear (I forgot their suits!), and Mallory and Preston with their new baby cousin:)