Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squishy Stomach:)

Today I took the kids to the beach. I figured that the days of summer are limited so we'd better enjoy them all we can before it's too cold to swim:) So here are a few pictures...Mallory enjoying all the excitement...Logan buried in sand by Tanner and of the boys with each of their "castles" they built. It was nice...but I do have to share one funny thing...

We were under a shade tree on a blanket just kind of relaxing and the boys asked if they could play "doctor" on me (a frequent activity in our house...I'm always the patient:) So they told me to lay back so they could do "surgery" on me. Then this is kinda how the conversation went:

Tanner: Let's do surgery on her stomach, Logan.

Logan: ok, (pulling up my swimsuit a little to show my stomach)

Tanner: Mom, your stomach is really squishy

Logan: Hey Tanner, this is just like the dough from Great Harvest! (they had gone on a field trip and got to play with dough)

Tanner: Let's make bread with her stomach

Logan: Yeah, let's sqeeze it and mix it up

So for about the next 10 minutes they literally kneaded my stomach fat and pretended they were making bread...including adding all the ingredients, cinnamon, chocolate, and much more...

It was funny (and humbling:)...guess ya had to be there:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Preston's on the move!

Last night Preston started crawling....yikes! Life just got a little more complicated! He has been doing the army crawl for a while, but last night it just clicked and he took off here are a few pix of his first day crawling. Mallory hasn't started thank goodness. She is content to still sit and play with her toys...although I'm sure it won't be long:)

A Tour of the Fire Station

Wednesday for playgroup we took a tour of the Brighton Firestation. Logan and Tanner love fire trucks so they were in heaven. They learned about fire safety, got to see the fire gear and shake the fireman's hand, check out the fire trucks, and even squirt the water hose! A great time was had by all!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Belated Congratulations to Gary and Diana!

My brother Gary recently got officially engaged to his fiance Diana. He "proposed" last week officially at an engagement party in front of her entire family (over 40 people:)! She is from Venezuela and will be moving here and they will start out living in Montana where Gary will be attending Graduate school. They will be married in November in Utah...Congratulations you guys....we are so happy for you! Welcome to the family Diana!! It was great to finally talk to you on the phone!

Gotta Love a Hometown Parade!

We went to Howell today for the Melonfest was great...perfect weather (I remember watching it last year being pregnant and it was sooo hot!...much better this year:) The boys loved watching the firetruck, tractors, all the floats, and of course getting all the candy they threw our way! For those of you not from around here, Howell is known for it's melons:) every August they have the Melonfest all weekend and a parade on Saturday...doesn't it sound like something out of a movie? I love taking the family to little hometown parades:) Ahhh, the joys of summer:) are a few pics...the boys waiting for the parade to start, me, a picture of a few families from my twins club (I should have marched with them, but the parade route is a mile up hill and I'm too lazy to push a stroller or pull a wagon that far:) hehe...anyways, the last two pics are of the petting zoo at the kid zone they had set up.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Uncle Brian's Football Camp!

I wanted to take a minute to brag about my baby brother Brian:) It has been so much fun having him back from his mission! He is such a stud muffin!...He's as funny, handsome, and easy going...and now he has that fresh off the mission spiritual kind of glow:) He's a babe magnet! Tanner and Logan just think he's the greatest...he's their idol! Here are a few pics of him playing with the boys at the elementary school down the street...and the next series is of him trying to teach the boys football. It was hilarious to watch! He would throw them the ball and they would run the wrong way! Brian was trying to take the whole football camp approach and toughen them up...just wasn't happening:) hehe...but the boys love the attention they get from their uncle Brian!

We love Uncle Brian!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome Home Baby Brian!!!

We welcomed my baby brother Brian home on Friday! He's been serving a mission in Cuernavaca Mexico for the last two years! So my parents picked him up on Friday night...the first picture is when he walked through the door (at almost midnight). The next picture is of him by the sign we made him (does it look familiar??...same sign that we used when my parents came home...just changed the's very efficient having both of them come home so close together:) The next picture is of when Tanner and Logan woke Brian up the next morning (he thought he was going to be able to relax after his mission...well not here with our four kids!) And then the last two are of me with baby Bri!...and Tanner with uncle Bri!