Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Tanner and Logan!!

Last Day of School Party

The boys graduated from Kindergarten. Here they are with their class at the last day of school party...

Wacky Hair Day!

Acting "wacky" in honor of wacky hair day at school:)...

Brighton Fishing Derby!

Here's us at the fishing derby in downtown Brighton at the Millpond...we always love this fun event!

Old Navy display

Do you recognize the kids in this Old Navy display:)??

Mallory's "Haircut"

So, when I was out grocery shopping a couple weeks ago, Scott called me to tell me that Tanner had given Mallory a "haircut". Apparently Tanner was playing beauty shop with Mallory and combing her hair and it got stuck (he was wrapping hair around the comb trying to curl it). When he couldn't get the comb out, he went and got scissors and cut the comb out. Yikes!! The pictures are turned, but you can clearly see the mullet haircut Tanner gave Mallory on her left side (the first picture is of her right side for comparison). I guess we're going to have to get really creative with her hairstyle until it grows out!!

Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day.....terrible picture, but the only one I have:) Kids are sweating and tired of waiting for the parade to start. I told them it would be worth it......then the parade was only like 5 minutes long......awesome.

Bounce in Hartland!

We went to a great place for kids in Hartland called Bounce! It is filled with trampolines, climbing things, ball pits, etc. It was our twins club's annual spring party...and we had a great time!!

Young Womens!!

Ok, so it's been FOREVER since I last blogged about anything. Not sure why...I just have kind of forgotten about it. So tonight I'm going to play catch up and post some things from the past couple months.

I was called to be the Young Women's Presidency a few months ago. Here is the with Angie and Sally (we are missing our secretary Robi)

The whole Young Women's group (or at least those who were there that night:)

Me with some of my Beehives:)

I LOVE Young Womens!!!