Monday, May 19, 2008

Farmer's Market, Imagination Station, and Great Harvest

My sister Brenda and her friend Cori are visiting from Arizona (see post below:) so on Saturday we took them to the Brighton Farmer's Market, the Imagination Station, and Great Harvest. It's been fun having them visit:)

Brenda and Cori's visit

My sister Brenda and her friend Cori have been visiting this week and it has been alot of fun! Not to mention it is literally like having two nannies in the house with me and has been soooo nice to have two extra pairs of hands to help with the kids:) I've been spoiled! They are visiting from Arizona since Brenda wanted to see the babies and I wasn't able to go to her wedding. So they've gone to Cedar Point and Canada and we've done some fun things together while they've been here:)

My little munchkins:)

Friday, May 16, 2008

The MSU Children's Garden...A Happy Mother's Day!

Last Saturday we went to the MSU Chidren's Garden to celebrate Mother's Day. I t was perfect weather so we went and let the kids explore and looked at the beautiful gardens and children's butterfly house. We brought a was great! So this is Mallory and I, Logan trying to catch a butterfly, me trying to teach Logan and Tanner how a sundial works:), the boys trying out the musical steps, and a picture of when we got home...Scott and the kids gave me a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings, and cards they made...sweet:) It was a fun Mother's Day. This Mother's Day I spent alot of time reflecting on the blessing of each of my kids and how I can improve as a mother to be more patient, kind, and loving:) It's hard sometimes...but I'm trying!

Six Months Old...And Their All Smiles!!!

Mallory and Preston turned six months last week! Time flies! They are so sweet and such good babies! I love them so much and feel so blessed to have them. Here are my smiling twinnies:)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Starting Our Garden

Today we started our garden...I've been wanting to put one in this summer since we now have a spot to put one and I thought it would be a fun project for our family. I'm using it as one of my personal progress projects as well (kill two birds with one stone:) So today I rented a de-sodder and took off the grass of a 15 by 20 foot area. Then, my friend Pam Ellsworth came over and tilled for me and let us keep the tiller for a few days. She has helped me so much!! I am planning to plant corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, indian corn, sunflowers, peppers, carrots, and more! I'm looking forward to it. I do have to say though, I am sooooo sore...I haven't done manual labor like that in a while. I have a new respect for farmers:) After I de-sodded, I felt like one of the pioneers who had just gotten into Salt Lake and and planted their farms...I felt victorious!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The International Women's Show in Novi

Yesterday I braved taking all the kids to the Women's Expo in Novi. I wanted to go, but was nervous about how all the kids would do, especially going by myself. They surprised me and did pretty well. Here, the boys are taking an ice cream and bounce house break since I had been dragging them all around looking at all the booths and displays. I included a couple pictures of the boys dancing at the Jazzercise display. It was funny...they asked if they could exercise with the ladies and I told them they had to ask them and the ladies were like "sure!". Afterwards one of the ladies said they should have paid me for advertising since the boys drew quite a crowd:) Too funny!

Ok, so this is like my fifth blog post tonight...I hadn't put one on since April 9th (I'm a slacker) I'm playing catch-up:)

The International Women's Show in

The Four Chittlins

Mallory and Preston will be 6 months on Monday..I can't believe it...time flies! I've been trying to put them on their stomach's more for "tummy time" so they can learn to crawl, but they just roll over to their backs. Preston won't even stay on his tummy long enough for me to take a picture...he just rolls right over! Whenever I start to take a picture of one or both babies by themselves, Logan and Tanner run into the picture...I guess they are a little jealous and want to be included:)...cute!

My Little Boys are Growing Up!

Tanner and Logan have made two big changes this week...I'm so proud of them! I was getting really tired of them using sippy cups. They are 3 1/2 and the doctor said they really shouldn't be using them after Two years old! So we had a "goodbye sippy cup party" and I bagged them all up and packed them away. This is Tanner kissing his cups goodbye (as he's saying..."I'll miss you sippy cups:)" I thought the boys would have a hard time, but not at all! They can only drink at the table or counter in real cups and they are fine. I guess sometimes it's harder for me to make changes than them (or I think it will be harder than it is). Anyways, the other change they've made is that they don't wear diapers or pull-ups to bed anymore. I just decided about a week ago to try to train them at night (I was expecting to be washing sheets etc. while we worked on this). Well, as it turns out...they've stayed dry all wet sheets or jammies!!! Yay I'm not sure how long they have to go before I say they are trained, but so far I'm more diapers for them. Whew! My little boys are growing up!

Little Helpers

Logan and Tanner LOVE to help around the yard. They are so funny...they would much rather rake leaves, pretend to mow the yard, help me do laundry, dishes, etc. than they would play with toys. Here they are helping Scott dig up the dirt over the septic because we had to have it pumped recently...and Logan helped Scott rake leaves for HOURS! Funny boys!

Milford Park

Ok, so these pictures are from a few weeks ago. I vowed to be good at this blogging thing and keep it up to date, but let me tell ya, this double twins thing isn't for sissies:)...I can't keep up sometimes! Anyways, so I'm finally putting on some pictures from the past few weeks:) This is us at Milford Park...Scott thinks he's some kind of wrapper or something...I call that picture "Diddy and P-Dog":) After Milford Park, we walked to downtown Milford and went to Stucci's ice cream. Scott had actually taken that day off from work and we just played that day...lots of fun and great weather too:)