Monday, May 5, 2008

Starting Our Garden

Today we started our garden...I've been wanting to put one in this summer since we now have a spot to put one and I thought it would be a fun project for our family. I'm using it as one of my personal progress projects as well (kill two birds with one stone:) So today I rented a de-sodder and took off the grass of a 15 by 20 foot area. Then, my friend Pam Ellsworth came over and tilled for me and let us keep the tiller for a few days. She has helped me so much!! I am planning to plant corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, indian corn, sunflowers, peppers, carrots, and more! I'm looking forward to it. I do have to say though, I am sooooo sore...I haven't done manual labor like that in a while. I have a new respect for farmers:) After I de-sodded, I felt like one of the pioneers who had just gotten into Salt Lake and and planted their farms...I felt victorious!


  1. How FUN! I love gardening... you should have called ME! :) Pam's so awesome for helping, and from the looks of things you'll have an awesome garden.

    If you haven't already bought your sqaush, zuchinni and sunflower seeds CALL ME. I just got some today, and you're welcome to have the ones I don't use. Which will be a lot, because we're just planting in a small area this year since we'll be in Anchorage for a month. I'm hoping the sprinklers will keep them growing but I'm not sure if that's a dumb thing to hope for :).

  2. Oh how fun, I want to plant a garden one days when we have a house:) Maybe in 20 years:)

  3. i must admit that i am jealous! i have always wanted a garden...and now my yard is TINY and don't really have room for one! so much fun...good luck!!!

  4. Hey Julie,

    How fun you are starting a garden. They are so fun. I'm totally getting into ours this year. I even had a dream about it when we were in England. I dreamed that I got home and it was all dead. I was so sad.

    Just from my experience...trial and ERROR...don't plant things too close together. You think they will do fine when they are just little, and that you don't need to plant them as far as the package says, but you do! Especially with squash and pumpkin!!!! Yeah, we've learned that the hard way. It makes it so it and nothing else around it will grow. That's my two's only worth what you paid for it! :)