Friday, January 22, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Just before bedtime last night, Mallory and Preston were playing downstairs. Scott and I were upstairs and suddenly heard Preston screaming. We ran downstairs to find Preston looking like this. We're not sure what happened, but Mallory looked very guilty and Preston kept saying Mallory's name. We assume she pushed him down or into a wall or something, but because they are too little, we couldn't get the whole story from them. They usually play sooooo well together, so I'm not sure where this sibling rivalry came from...but we'll save this picture to show them when they are older:)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Great News!

Ok, so I recently shared that my brother Brian and his wife Kelsey are expecting their first baby in August.....well, I have some more great news! My sister Kathy and her husband Jeremy are expecting their second baby in August as well!! Kathy and Kelsey's due dates are only 5 days apart! They are both due at the beginning of August (which I selfishly am a little bummed the timing worked out that way because they probably won't be able to go to our family reunion in Idaho this summer:(.....but am WAY excited for both of them and am looking forward to meeting these two new members of our family! Also, for those of you that know Kathy....they are moving to Barstow, California in Frbruary where her husband Jeremy took a job promotion. Congrats to the Twitchells!!

Bennigan's Fundraiser for the Women's Resource Center

Come One Come All!!! Bennigan's is hosting a FUNdraiser on behalf of the Women's Resource Center!!!!

Thursday, January 28th ALL DAY!

3950 E. Grand River in Howell (on the corner of Grand River and Latson Rd.)

20% of all sales go directly to the Women's Resource Center to benefit families in many capacities. Just mention when you go in that you are there for the Women's Resource Center Fundraiser and they will donate 20% of your bill to the WRC. Or you can stop by the WRC or e-mail to get a flyer to print out to take in when you go!

So please consider heading to Bennigan's on the 28th to support this cause! Thank you for your support!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Washington DC Temple's Festival of Lights

One of the highlights of our holidays was visiting the Washington DC temple while we were in Virginia. Scott and I were married there almost 13 years ago and my sister Tami was sealed to our family there almost 17 years ago. For me it is my favorite and most special temple for those and other reasons. We always go to Virginia, but have not been back to the DC Temple in a while since it is about an hour and a half from Scott's parents house. We decided to take the opportunity while we were there to visit and attend the temple's "Festival of Lights" that they put on each Christmas season. It was so beautiful. They had so many Christmas lights lit up all around the temple as well as a large nativity display, various decorated Christmas trees, a large nativity scene, musical performances, Christmas movies, etc. Mainly, we just wanted to show our kids where mommy and daddy were married and how special this temple is to us. We had a wonderful time visiting and Scott and I reminisced-sp? of the day we were married there.