Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Great News!

Ok, so I recently shared that my brother Brian and his wife Kelsey are expecting their first baby in August.....well, I have some more great news! My sister Kathy and her husband Jeremy are expecting their second baby in August as well!! Kathy and Kelsey's due dates are only 5 days apart! They are both due at the beginning of August (which I selfishly am a little bummed the timing worked out that way because they probably won't be able to go to our family reunion in Idaho this summer:(.....but am WAY excited for both of them and am looking forward to meeting these two new members of our family! Also, for those of you that know Kathy....they are moving to Barstow, California in Frbruary where her husband Jeremy took a job promotion. Congrats to the Twitchells!!

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