Monday, January 4, 2010

Washington DC Temple's Festival of Lights

One of the highlights of our holidays was visiting the Washington DC temple while we were in Virginia. Scott and I were married there almost 13 years ago and my sister Tami was sealed to our family there almost 17 years ago. For me it is my favorite and most special temple for those and other reasons. We always go to Virginia, but have not been back to the DC Temple in a while since it is about an hour and a half from Scott's parents house. We decided to take the opportunity while we were there to visit and attend the temple's "Festival of Lights" that they put on each Christmas season. It was so beautiful. They had so many Christmas lights lit up all around the temple as well as a large nativity display, various decorated Christmas trees, a large nativity scene, musical performances, Christmas movies, etc. Mainly, we just wanted to show our kids where mommy and daddy were married and how special this temple is to us. We had a wonderful time visiting and Scott and I reminisced-sp? of the day we were married there.


  1. How beautiful! I am so sad we didn't take the opportunity to go see it! Next year for sure!!! Thanks for sharing your special moments.

  2. Julie. You have to stop telling people how long you've been married. They're going to guess our age!!!!! =)

    My sister works at that temple!

  3. I wish I knew you came so close to us! I would have come to meet you at the temple. But I'm sure you were busy with Scott's family. Glad you could make the trip!