Saturday, May 3, 2008

The International Women's Show in Novi

Yesterday I braved taking all the kids to the Women's Expo in Novi. I wanted to go, but was nervous about how all the kids would do, especially going by myself. They surprised me and did pretty well. Here, the boys are taking an ice cream and bounce house break since I had been dragging them all around looking at all the booths and displays. I included a couple pictures of the boys dancing at the Jazzercise display. It was funny...they asked if they could exercise with the ladies and I told them they had to ask them and the ladies were like "sure!". Afterwards one of the ladies said they should have paid me for advertising since the boys drew quite a crowd:) Too funny!

Ok, so this is like my fifth blog post tonight...I hadn't put one on since April 9th (I'm a slacker) I'm playing catch-up:)

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  1. ok, so, i haven't checked blogs for a while, and i open the barb's blog to find FIVE posts in one night! wow girl...barb blog heaven!

    so, that intl women's show looked like so much do you always find out about these things? oh, and milford park...don't you just love it? word funky g to homey rapper friend...