Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome Home Baby Brian!!!

We welcomed my baby brother Brian home on Friday! He's been serving a mission in Cuernavaca Mexico for the last two years! So my parents picked him up on Friday night...the first picture is when he walked through the door (at almost midnight). The next picture is of him by the sign we made him (does it look familiar??...same sign that we used when my parents came home...just changed the's very efficient having both of them come home so close together:) The next picture is of when Tanner and Logan woke Brian up the next morning (he thought he was going to be able to relax after his mission...well not here with our four kids!) And then the last two are of me with baby Bri!...and Tanner with uncle Bri!


  1. Yay Julie thanks for posting pictures!!! I am jealous you get to hangout with mom and dad and Brian this week...what a party!!! Love you!

  2. What a reunion! I'll bet it feels to good have them all home.