Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome Home Mom and Dad!

My parents have just returned from their mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. They served there for a year where they taught and served people in the Las Vegas area as well as on an Indian reservation in Needles, California. They arrived on Saturday and Scott and the boys picked them up. These are a few shots from when they first arrived and also right before church on Sunday where they gave their official homecoming talks. It is good to have them home...I've sure missed them, and espeically appreciate the help with the kids and everything! They will be here until August 15th and then are off to visit other family, go on a cruise, etc. Then they will be living with my Grandpa in St. George, Utah.

Next weekend we welcome home my studly brother Brian home from his mission in stay tuned for pictures of his return:)

1 comment:

  1. I can't believe your parents are back already!! It seems like they just left. Crazy how time flies... ;-)

    I bet they just loved seeing the twins, all of them.. hee hee I can't believe how big all your kiddos are getting!!! They are all soooo cute!