Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July in Indiana!

We had a great July 4th weekend visiting my sister Tami and her husband Steve and their two kids Dallin and Jackie in Indiana. They used to live in Bloomington, IN and then moved to Atlanta,Georgia, and recently moved back to Indiana (they actually bought the house that is in the back yard of their old house!) It was a great visit as we spent time barbecuing,(lots of eating:), doing sparklers, watching fireworks at IU, going to the park, swimming, and just hanging out and chatting:) So here are a few pics of our visit...The first is of the kids dressed in their red, white, and blue the morning of the 4th as we headed out to Indiana...and some of my favorite pics are the ones of Mallory and her cousin Jackie (the only girl cousins on this side of the fam), and my wonderful sister Tami! I love her!!!!


  1. hi barbs! welcome back! your trip looked fabulous...isn't it so fun to visit family?!?!? we are doing it next month in utah...

  2. Hey! You were about 4 hours away from me! If you ever have the need to visit Evansville, stop on by!

  3. Super cute pictures! It great to see your families after all these years. Hope you don't mind me checking out your blog!! :)