Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...How Does Your Garden Grow?

Our garden is in full bloom! It has been so fun for the boys to watch it grow and develop. They go outside almost every day to "check" the garden and they will come in and want to show me the latest thing blooming or how tall the corn is. So here's a few pictures of the starts of our pumpkin crop, the corn (which I'm actually more excited about using as decoration in the fall...I plan to use the dried cornstalks and tie them to the pillars on the porch...we planted lots of pumpkins, mini pumpkins, and we'll be decked out in decorations this fall:)...We planted three kinds of squash which are ready for picking...and we are getting zucchini coming out of our ears! Maybe I'll make some zucchini bread:) This was a new adventure for me planting a garden. I did it as a personal progress project for Faith, and admit it did take faith to plant it as I really didn't know if I had time to do this...but as always...the Lord provides...and our garden is bountiful:) (ok, maybe that sounded a little cheesy...)...anyways, it's been fun and I've decided I'd like to always have a garden. (And if anyone wants any zucchini, let me know!)


  1. WOW! That looks SO great! I LOVE fresh garden veggies.

  2. WOW! Way to go! Come put our garden in next year ok?!

  3. Like your bloglift? If not I can pick a new's easy! love you, enjoy mom and dad!