Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Balloonfest, FHE, Southern Belle, and Spicer's:)

This is totally a random post...Last Saturday I went to a baby shower for Cindy Syracuse...and while I was there Scott took the boys to do some children's activities on the courthouse lawn...something they had set up in association with Balloonfest. So here is Logan meeting a firefighter and the boys playing on some mats and tunnels.

On a different note, Monday we had a patriotic Family Home Evening and talked about our country and the reason we celebrate July 4th...I explained a little about the Revolutionary war and how we declared independence from Britain and about our Declaration of Independence and constitution (not sure how much they understood, but worth a try, huh?:) Anyways, we made a "Barb Family Constitution" about what is important to us and how we live...and then all signed it. Can you see Tanner and Logan's signature? We are working on it:)

Also, I had to throw in the picture of Mallory...Scott thinks I dress her like a Southern Belle going to the Kentucky Derby:)!...but I do have to say she was the best dressed girl at McDonald's playland yesterday:)

Lastly, today we went to Spicer's Orchard for church playgroup. Here are some of he boys on the tractor:)

And now we are off to Indiana this weekend for July 4th to visit my sister Tami and her family...YAY! So stay tuned for some great patriotic cousin pics as we will be barbecuing, swimming, sparklers, and watching fireworks at Indiana University:)...we are excited!


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