Thursday, August 28, 2008

Squishy Stomach:)

Today I took the kids to the beach. I figured that the days of summer are limited so we'd better enjoy them all we can before it's too cold to swim:) So here are a few pictures...Mallory enjoying all the excitement...Logan buried in sand by Tanner and of the boys with each of their "castles" they built. It was nice...but I do have to share one funny thing...

We were under a shade tree on a blanket just kind of relaxing and the boys asked if they could play "doctor" on me (a frequent activity in our house...I'm always the patient:) So they told me to lay back so they could do "surgery" on me. Then this is kinda how the conversation went:

Tanner: Let's do surgery on her stomach, Logan.

Logan: ok, (pulling up my swimsuit a little to show my stomach)

Tanner: Mom, your stomach is really squishy

Logan: Hey Tanner, this is just like the dough from Great Harvest! (they had gone on a field trip and got to play with dough)

Tanner: Let's make bread with her stomach

Logan: Yeah, let's sqeeze it and mix it up

So for about the next 10 minutes they literally kneaded my stomach fat and pretended they were making bread...including adding all the ingredients, cinnamon, chocolate, and much more...

It was funny (and humbling:)...guess ya had to be there:)


  1. Can I be laughing so hard right now?!

  2. yea...I totally get that story...but I would have enough dough for two or three loaves. Gotta love kids right????

  3. What a nice mom you are. My kids wouldn't have had another 10 minutes! That would've ended REAL FAST.

  4. No pictures of the dough on your blog?? ha ha. Too funny that they said that.

  5. haha...that is HILARIOUS! i'm with carrie...that game would have ended as soon as the words squishy and stomach were used in the same sentence!