Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ashley Court Nursing Home

Today we went to Ashley Court Nursing Home for church playgroup. It was a great experience. Logan and Tanner had never done anything like that before so I was glad we had the opportunity to visit. The residents loved watching all the kids and babies and I think we really brightened their day by being there.

Logan seemed to feel pretty comfortable and introduced himself and talked to all the people. Tanner on the other hand was nervous about it and was more shy/scared. Check out Tanner's face in the fourth picture...funny!

The last picture is of one of the ladies holding Preston. It was such a precious sight...generations uniting from both sides of the spectrum of life. The lady kept laughing and laughing and Preston just kept touching her face. It was such a tender moment, I started to get teary just watching it:)

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  1. dang it...i missed out AGAIN! this looks wonderful and i'm glad we're going to the nursing home again...i would love for my boys to go there.