Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brian and Kelsey!

My little brother is getting married! I can't believe me, he is stil 12 years old:) I still remember when my mom brought him home from the hospital...we would set the timer and each take turns holding him throughout the day because we all wanted to hold him:) I am 11 years older than Brian so I spent alot of time actually taking care of him:)...and now he's old enough to get married!

I am so excited to fly out for the's exactly two weeks away (October 8th). Brian is marrying Kelsey Hansen. He met her here in Michigan before he went on his mission and then they have dated the past year in Utah where they are both going to school. They are getting married in the Salt Lake Temple. I've never been inside the Salt Lake Temple, so I am excited about that too! I'm also looking forward to seeing alot of my family again. So stay tuned for two weeks from now for wedding photos:)....

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