Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Note from Mallory's Nursery Teacher

We have two nurseries in our ward. It's funny, but they have them divided kind of into a boy nursery and a girl nursery:) So Preston and Mallory have different nursery teachers. Mallory's teachers are Linda Stoffers and Lavon Maiersperger. They are so sweet and loving, they plan so well, and give them laminated handouts each week:) They truly are amazing. They send her things in the mail when she misses a Sunday. Mallory smiles whenever she sees them.

Anyways, today Lavon was telling me about Mallory when I picked her up, saying she was such a helper:) Then tonight she sent me this message on facebook. I thought I'd share it. I know this is a totally "mom-bragging" moment, but I hope you don't mind. It's just nice to hear and brings me joy. I love Mallory so much and am glad she is so loved by her primary teachers. Here is what Lavon wrote:

"The other thing I was going to tell you about Mallory is today when Linda handed out props for a song, she would hand one to Mallory and she would look around and give it to one of the kids who didn't have one then go back to Linda to get another one for someone else. That is NOT NORMAL!!! Especially for a less than 2 year old!!!! When you give something to the kids most of them would be possessive and keep the one given them. Your example has been AMAZING for Mallory. She is going to be a little Relief Society President when she is 5. She'll probably be class president every year. At first I thought of her as one of the littlest ones there where you just hope they get something from the older ones listening but she sings along with the older ones, knows words to hard songs, and just is so engaged in everything we do. Not just to listen but she seems to be thinking "what can I do with this information". I mean I see her over and over act on things that are said in ways that are beyond her age. She is a DOLL and Amazing. Today was also SO cute. When we went to put the toys away in the closet some of the kids carried the little bins and I was in the hall when I saw 2 full big tubs being pushed out the door and once they were out I saw it was Mallory pushing them. I couldn't believe it!!! She chose the biggest thing to help with and just pushed it along slowly even steering it in the right direction. She must be such a great help at home already and I can only imagine how much fun you are going to have as she gets older. Thanks for sharing her with us!"

Isn't that so nice of her to write that!


  1. I love your Mommy Bragging moments! Bring it on, I say. It helps me get to know you and your children when I have no other way. Mallory sounds like a joy. I can't wait to meet her next summer at the reunion. You are coming, right? I think Mallory looks like Grandfather's mother, Alice. Has anyone ever told you that?

  2. Julie, thanks for sharing more about Mallory's developing personality. That was so wonderful to read. I guess she can't help but follow in her mom, grammy's, and 2 generations beyond that in personality. She's a wonderful girl, we loved it.

    Aunt Brenda

  3. Awww, that's really sweet. Hold onto that note forever so Mallory can see it when she's older. Of course I don't have to tell you to do that. My mom has a note similar to that she got from one of my teachers when I was young too. We still have it. I'm sure it makes you proud!

  4. What a great compliment! She sounds like a doll!!

    I loved the fall pictures of all your kids. It looks like you've got a everything under control even with 4 busy kids at very busy ages.