Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sledding at Kensington

Last Saturday Scott and I took the kids to Kensington to do some serious sledding. We bundled up, grabbed our sleds, and were off. I'm not much of a "winter outdoors-y mom" and usually don't enjoy snowball fights, snowman building, or anything that may get me cold in the slightest...but I have to say I had more fun sledding than I have had in a long time. It was such a blast. Kensington has by far the best sledding hills around. They have a baby hill for toddlers, a bunny hill for beginners, a medium hill, a medium/advanced, and advanced, as well as two toboggan runs. We tried all of them multiple times. Logan and Tanner were so brave and just went down all by themsleves so many times. They didn't even really mind the walk back up because it just meant they got to go down again! (Although I have to say, the walk back up for me was more exercise than I've had in a Loooong time!)...I was sore the next day. Between the sore leg muscles from walking up the hills and the bruised rear end from hitting all the bumps going down, I was quickly reminded that I'm getting old! But it really was fun...good old fashioned, michigan winter fun...and we loved every minute of it:)!!!

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