Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mallory's First Steps!!

Mallory took her first steps today! She has been kind of letting go and standing on her own for a minute or two before she falls...well today when we were playing on the carpet, she was standing there and then just walked like 5 steps in a row towards me before she fell. I was so excited for her. She's such a big girl and seemed so proud of herself! So I ran to get my camera to try to get her in action...that proved a little harder:) It's days like today I'm especially glad to have the opportunity to stay home with my capture each little first steps:) So this series of pictures is my attempt to capture a picture of her learning to walk. The last picture is of her ripping her bow out of her hair. All of a sudden she has decided she doesn't like things in her hair. Doesn't she know that she is mom's doll and she doesn't have a choice in the matter!!? I guess she must not have gotten the memo!!


  1. Tell her NO! She can't grow up anymore w/o me being there:( What a little cutie!

  2. First steps are so precious! What a cutie!