Thursday, January 29, 2009

Children's Place Sale

ok, this may be a totally random post...but I always like when people share bargains or good tips with me, so I'm passing this one on. For anyone local...Children's Place in Brighton (and I'm sure Howell?) is totally clearancing all their winter stuff to make room for their spring stuff. I went in there yesterday and everything winter (all coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, etc.) are $ you can walk into the store and get a 15-20% off in-store coupon at check out if you basically everything is around $4. And I'm talking nice, nice coats and things for $4...I'm stocking up for next year at those prices.

Also, I don't know how I never knew this, but McDonald's has family night every Wednesday evening from 4-7. Happy meals are only $1.50.

Just passing it on...feel free to do the same in return if you see a bargain anywhere:) Us bargain shoppers have to stick together you know:) hehe


  1. Thanks Julie. You know I appreciate you sharing...I wonder if they have the same deals at the outlet. I'll have to let you know...

  2. I stocked up 2 weeks ago at Children's Place when all their summer stuff was $1.99 minus the 15% off coupon. I bought for 7 kids and bought a ton of stuff..5 huge bags full. Guess I better get there to check out the winter stuff now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Buffalo Wild Wings also had kids night on Wednesday (we just discovered it this week). Kids meals are $1.99, htey had a magician, coloring contest, and a free raffle for prizes.

  4. Since I live so far away from anything, online shopping has become the norm. I signed up at and get some really great deals through my e-mail. Some are better than others, but they have everything from Children's Place to Tupperware at great prices.