Monday, April 13, 2009

Playing Easter Bunny!

I absolutely love playing the Easter Bunny. I enjoy picking things out for my kids and surprising them. I think I actually get more joy out of giving them things than they do getting them:) Usually, by the time an actual holiday is here, I've had most of my fun (planning and shopping) and I can just sit back and watch the kids enjoy their surprises. In our house, the Easter Bunny comes on Friday night so that Saturday can be all about "Bunnies and Chocolate" and we can reserve Sunday for celebrating and remembering the true meaning of Easter. So here are some of my surprises set out on Friday night...their baskets (initialed so there is no confusion:), a couple dresses for Mallory, new sleeping bags for the boys, and of course, the big bikes! I really scored with these. I have a friend who has 7 year old twin boys and she sold these to me for $15 a piece!...and they've hardly been used. I love great deals:) The boys will get lots of use out of them I'm sure!

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  1. Wow, was it Easter or Christmas?! LOL. Let me know how the bikes fit in the Easter baskets. Just kidding. The Easter bunny was nice to your kids. Great deals on the bikes too. Looks like they had a lot of fun. You've posted a lot lately and all of the posts & pictures are fun to read/see!