Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Family Home Evening

We did the following Easter Family Home Evening this week. Our family really liked it so I thought I'd share...

Sing: Did Jesus Really Live Again?

Fill an egg carton with hollow plastic eggs, each containing one of the following scriptures: (as you are reading them show and pass around the symbol that goes with each scripture...the objects are listed)

Egg #1 Luke 22:42 and 44- Sacrement Cup
Egg #2 Mark 14: 10-11 and 44-45- 3 Dimes
Egg #3 Matthew 27:27- Soap
Egg #4 Matthew 27:29- Rope
Egg #5 Matthew 27:28- Thorns
Egg #6 Luke 23:33- Cross
Egg #7 Mark 15:24- Dice
Egg #8 Matthew 27:51 and 54- Rocks
Egg #9 John 19:40- Linen
Egg #10 John 19:40- Spices
Egg #11 Matthew 28:2- Large Rock
Egg #12 Matthew 28:6, John 20: 15-16- Glove (to show resurrection)

We just kind of summarized the sriptures for our kids, and I have the lesson plan with the commentary that goes with each scripture that I used. I also displayed all the pictures of Christ's last week, crucifixion, and resurrection. Our kids really liked this lesson...with all the "hands on" objects.

Sing: He is Risen

Make the following Cookies for a treat the day before Easter and have them Easter morning...

I have the recipe and lesson plan for "Empty Tomb Cookies". Each ingredient in the recipe symbolizes something about Christ and his last week, crucifixion, and resurrection. Then you put the cookies in the pre-heated oven, "seal" it up like a tomb, and turn the oven off, and then the next morning when you open the oven, you have cookies that are pure white and they are each hallow, like Jesus' tomb. If anyone is interested I can post the recipe and lesson plan or e-mail it directly.

Just thought I'd share some things to celebrate the real meaning of Easter... Bunnies, baskets, egg hunts, and chocolate are fun...but I love Easter for what it really means and the true reason why we celebrate...

Happy Easter!


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