Monday, April 27, 2009


It's almost planting time again! Our friend from church, Troy Anderson, came and roto-tilled our garden this weekend. I had him take it a bit bigger this year. Last year was kind of an experiment, and now that I know I like gardening and can actually do it...I want to plant more this year:) So we went from a 15x20 garden last year, to a 20x25 one this year....and it may continue to grow each year:) I am excited to get started. Tomorrow for FHE we are talking about our Earth (I've been inspired by earth day)...we are going to talk about things we can do to help the use reusable grocery bags, do things to save energy, plant a garden, and we are going to set up recycling boxes so we can take things to the recycling center. I thought this year I'd try giving Tanner ang Logan their own mini-garden where we block off a little plot of the garden that is specifically theirs to pick what they want to plant, and they have to plant, water, weed, and harvest their little plot:) So here's a pic of the garden taken from the house.

Also, on Saturday we got the kids a trampoline:) (No, that is not them in the picture:)...that is the picture on the box...Scott will put it together soon. We had decided to get Tanner and Logan a trampoline for their 5th birthday this summer, but thought we'd get it a little earlier (rather than mid-July), so they could enjoy it for the whole summer. So it is an early 5th b-day present. They are very excited. I believe with four kids, they will all get many years of use out of it:) We had a trampoline when I was a kid and I have many good memories of many hours spent outside in the backyard on the trampoline.

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