Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary to LAPOM!!

On Friday our twins club celebrated it's 5th anniversary. When I joined the club, the Livingston County chapter had just started and I was pregnant with Logan and Tanner. These ladies welcomed me into their group, brought meals, offered advice, passed down their matching clothes, and just basically became good friends. I think being moms of twins, we always have that in common which unites us in a way. Anyways, in honor of celebrating the club's 5th anniversary they had a party at Rainbow Recreation and rented the place out, ordered pizza, etc. It was alot of fun. Also, the club planted a tree at Baldwin park in a kind of "anniversary ceremony" to commemorate the event. (We weren't able to go because it's Sunday and we had church:) Here are a few pics of the party at Rainbow Rec. Tanner and Logan begged me to go on the trampoline with them...I think they were sorry once I got on there because they discovered I'm a total trampoline hog (as you can tell from the picture:) Anyways...Happy 5th Anniversary to LAPOM (Livingston Area Parents of Multiples)!!

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