Saturday, March 28, 2009

Portrait Innovations

Here's a little shout-out for Portrait Innovations. I love this place for getting pictures of my kids. For starters, they have a lego table the kids can play at while they are waiting for us to be called. Second, they have two "studios" within the place and have lots of backgrounds, props, etc. The photographers have a camera that's not on a tripod so they are moving around to get the shots. Also, they have two people working with your to take the pictures and one to "arrange" them and make them smile. They are not that expensive...and offer a GREAT package deal for only $9.95 with tons of pics in it. YOu look on the computer and look at all the choices on a big scree. And the best part is that you get your pictures that day! They are ready within 15 minutes of when you order them. Ok, with that being said (as the disclaimer on the pictures they got from there today:) my kids were all being stinkers...gotta love picture day. Preston was crying and just wouldn't be happy...Mallory kept walking or crawling away and wouldn't smile for anything, Logan was in a mood and kept making funny faces. Tanner was the only cooperative one today. It was almost comical trying to get all four kids to look at the camera and smile...just wasn't going to happen. So the above picture was the best they could do of all four of them. (Like I said, I love this place...just hard to get all four happy and looking:) But years from now I will look at the picture and think how adorable and precious the kids were when they were little...and that's why I take them to get pictures:)


  1. I love that place, too, and I always drive out to the one in Brighton. I need to do our Easter pics soon!

  2. Good job getting a picture of the kids. I'm sure that's quite a chore to get them all in one picture, sitting still, looking at the camera, with a smile. Don't you always want to say "just one, just one picture, that's all we need!!!".

    How'd you sneak your camera into the easter bunny at the ann arbor mall? we went to novi mall and they had a sign up saying "no cameras allowed". (aka, please buy our $30 picture)