Saturday, March 28, 2009


Whenever someone tells me they have something funny to tell me that Logan said...I'm not sure whether I should listen and laugh with them...or go find a rock to crawl under...sometimes it's both:) Here are a few funny things Logan has said recently...(or at least they were funny to me at the time)...

~Logan: (upon finding an old record) "Mom, holy cow! Check out this HUGE CD!!" (Goes to show that they are a different generation...had never seen a record before:)

~Logan: (walking into preschool last week talking to the teacher) "Mrs. Bischer, my dad is going to pick me up today...cuz my mom has jury duty...and let me tell you, she is TICKED OFF about it!!"

~Logan: (at preschool the theme that day was about the dentist and they were talking about what foods are bad for your teeth...they mentioned soda pop...and Logan stood up and said, "OH NO! My Dad drinks ALOT of Pop!!" (guess ya had to be there:)

~Logan: I have been teaching the boys the value of each coin and trying to teach them a little about money. I felt they had a good understanding and thought I'd try to show them how to make change. I said, if we had a dollar and wanted to buy something that was 75 cents, how much would we get back? Logan was obviously upset by the "making change" concept and in a frustrated way, said, "oh mom, let's forget this...can't we just use the debit card?!"

Ok, well, that's all I can think of tonight...I'm going to try to write these things down more so I can laugh (even if it is much later sometimes)

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  1. Oh my gosh, those are so funny!!! I can't wait till my boys start saying hilarious things like that. Yeah, you've got to keep writing them down to read to him someday!