Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Honesty is the Best Policy...

A funny little incident from today...

I'm in the shower this morning, and Logan walks in the bathroom...this is how the conversation went...

Logan: Mom, how to you spell "Lamp"
Mom: L-A-M-P...why to you ask?
Logan: Cuz I'm writing you a note
Mom: Oh, that's nice of you...what is your note about?
Logan: It's a note to tell you how much I love you
Mom: oh, thanks, I love you too Logan
Logan: Mom, how do you spell "Tip"?
Mom: T-I-P
Logan: Mom, how do you spell "Living"?
Mom: L-I-V-I-N-G....why?...Logan did a lamp tip over?
Logan: (not answering right away)...Mom, if Tanner and I did something wrong, it's better if we are honest and don't tell a lie, right?
Mom: Yes, why, Logan...did you guys knock a lamp over?
Logan: Tanner and I put on our CTR rings so we can "choose the right".
Mom: Logan, what did you guys do?"
Logan: Mom, look outside the shower...(then they quickly run away:)

So I look outside the shower and these white boards are what I see:) Too funny. Apparently the boys were playing and accidentally knocked over a lamp while I was in the shower....really no big deal, but apparently they thought it was. So they wrote these little "apology notes". I probably should have told them to be more careful around the lamps, but I was smiling inside because they were acting so cute about it...being all honest and apologetic and everything:)...and I guess that's something I want to encourage:) I was especially laughing at the way Tanner wrote my name like twenty times with hearts all over it...they are already learning the art of kissing up:)


  1. It's so precious! It'll be a treat when my children are old enough to write notes and choose the right!

  2. how cute is that?! i can't wait to see you guys!

  3. That is SO adorable! What good little boys!:)

  4. That is GREAT! I hope Sammy is honest like that. Nice parenting!

  5. So cute. I can just picture Logan, "uhm, Mom, how do you spell...?"

  6. Your stories always put a huge smile of my face. Those boys are a riot!

  7. that is SO cute and sweet!!
    WOW! they know there letters good and write so well!!!

  8. That is really so cute. I bet you were dying laughing. They are such cute little boys. I am sending some 18 month clothes this week for Preston...

  9. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!!! I can't believe they wrote on the board like that for you to see. Man, those pictures are keepers for sure!!!

  10. OMGoodness! That story is so sweet! That made my night! :) alie

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  12. That is the cutest story I've ever heard!

  13. Brenda just taught me how to read blogs. Tanner's and Logan's notes were so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing them in June.

  14. LOL, tears came to my eyes - that is so cute. You have some really great kids - you've taught them well.

    too precious!