Monday, December 22, 2008

My Mom's visit...continued

I know I already posted pics of my mom's visit...but here are a few more. It was just so great to have her here. She was my sidekick for 10 days just helping me with the kids and doing lots of fun activities. Life seems so easy when she's here:) My mom is one of those people that "serves quietly". She doesn't talk about it or tell you she's doing it, but she just goes around doing dishes, laundry, making meals, cleaning, playing with the kids, etc. Before she came we made a list of things we wanted to do for fun and a list of jobs to do. So while she was here we went sooo many places, taking the kids to do things, Christmas shopping, and she went with me to all my normal scheduled things and it was great to have her here. Mostly I just love staying up late and talking to her about life in general... She is a great listener and since her and I think so much alike and are so similar it's fun to talk about our interests, opinions, and life experiences. She gives me good advice and encouragement and praise that always lifts me up. So while she was here, she did all the jobs around the house that I "never get around to":) in the picture, she's mending the boys comforters:) So nice...I love my Mommy and miss her already:) When I took her to the airport I cried the whole way home:( Tanner and Logan were very concered:)...When I told them Grammy had to fly back to Las Vegas, Tanner said "awww, but I want to keep her!":)...and Logan said "next time she visits, let's lock the car so she can't get out"!:) hehe I will miss her, but appreciate her visit...she always reminds me to be more patient, spiritual, loving, and a better wife and mother...Love you MOM!

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