Monday, December 22, 2008

The Blessings of Service at Ashley Court

Today I taught the Laurels and the Mia Maid class in Young Women and we talked about how "it's the GIVING, not the getting" that really brings the spirit of Christmas to us...and that we need to have the "spirit of CHRIST" with us to feel the "spirit of CHRISTmas". One of the highlights of my holidays thus far was our visit to the nursing home this last Thursday. We visit the Ashley Court nursing home each month and have really gotten to know the residents and staff there. This month for our visit, we sang Christmas Carols and it was so wonderful to see the residents light up, many with tears in their eyes...and many singing along with us. They all have various stages of alzheimers so often they can't remember what they had for breakfast, but they can remember every word to all the Christmas carols from all their years of singing them. I was so proud of Logan and Tanner...when we first started going there, they were hesitant and a little fearful of the older people, but through our monthly visits, they feel totally comfortable and give them hugs, squeeze their hands and talk and play with them. Logan sang a solo called "Make Each Day Special" and Tanner sang a solo of "Jingle Bells". In the picture they, along with Heather's kids Emma and Bella are singing "Once there was a snowman". It has truly blessed my life to visit these people and has been a wonderful experience in teaching my kids about love and service. After singing, when we were leaving, Logan went around and asked all the residents if we cheered them up and brightened their day:) Funny boy:)

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