Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visiting Santa at the Mall!

Last week I ventured out and took the kids to see Santa at the mall. I don't go to the mall very often anymore, so I supposed this is my semi-annual trip to the mall. The kids loved seeing Santa of course (except Preston, as you can tell from the picture)...but I think the kids loved the mall playland even more:) Here Logan and Tanner are pretending to be "king of the world"...and you can see Mallory and Preston are fighting over something:) It's already begun! I think holidays are sooo much fun with kids:) ~julie

1 comment:

  1. Santa's chair sure is purple! Interesting choice of color for a Santa chair. LOL. Looks like the kids are having fun. Glad to hear you are having fun with you mom too! Doesn't matter how old we are, us girls always love our mommy's, huh?!