Sunday, March 2, 2008

We've joined the blogging world....

Ok, so I have finally joined the new "blogging" world. I'm not promising much:)...I started a myspace and facebook account and found I never had time to update my pages much, so we'll see if I can do any better with this. I resisted at first, but since my sisters and many friends have blogs and they are pretty cool, I thought I'd give it a shot:)...peer pressure I guess:) So here goes.......Now I just figure out how to do all this stuff:)



  1. Welcome to the blog world, can't wit to see pics of the twins (both sets)!

  2. Blogging at first seems hard to do thing but then it is so much fun once you get the hang of it. It is more fun then facebook or myspace cause you can be more creative and write things. Its fun. Can't wait to see into your lives more through your blog