Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kids say the funniest things...!

Today I was taking a shower and I had just gotten out. I still let Logan and Tanner come into the bathroom with me when I'm in the shower, getting ready, etc. Well, today Logan started opening the curtains and since the bathroom faces the street, I told him to shut the curtains so no one outside would see in. And his response was "yeah, cuz we don't want someone driving by to say 'look at that fat, old, naked woman up there!". I died laughing! Guess I need to get back on my diet!


  1. Julie I love your blog and that you update it often!! If keagan said I was old and fat i would have not died laughing but died crying. Funny though to say that. The little girl I was watching, britt who is 5 said i like to snuggle w/ you to read stories cause your squishy....I joined the gym again on MOnday:) well love ya!

  2. Oh my gosh! Where does that boy hear these things? You are not fat or old or ugly!

  3. That's awesome! Don't they just make you feel so good about yourself. Karyna use to tell me I looked fat after I had Kaylee, so I told her that was rude. The next time she said, "I don't think you look fat, you just look pregnant!" Thanks so much.