Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Anniversary Tribute to My Husband!

This Friday, my dear Scottie and I will celebrate our 11th Anniversary!....I love him so much and wanted to take a minute to say all the wonderful things I love about him! He is so loyal and devoted to me and our family. He is attentive to my needs and is self-sacrificing and often gives us things he wants and his time so I can have the things or time that I want. He is a very hard worker and good provider. He is organized, direct, strong in his convictions. He gave up alot to join the church and convert to the gospel. He takes me to the temple often. He is EXTREMELY prayerful. I have never met anyone so devoted to praying as Scott. He is a wonderful father (and a good compliment to me as a mother...he is strict where I am not). He gives the boys baths, reads them stories, and watches the kids whenever I need so I can have time out in the evenings. He is frugal and a good money manager. He plans for the future and always put our family first. He prioritizes well. He is neat and efficient. He takes care of our cars:) Scott has an inner side of him that is very sensitive and romantic. I love him so much and am so happy to be married to him. I feel my life is complete with my wonderful husband and four beautiful kids...he has given me a great 11 years and a wonderful life. Happy Anniversary Scott!

Love Julie


  1. 11 years!!! Wow that is so crazy how fast time flies by. Its cool to think that through the Atonement one day we will be married to a perfect man and we can be a perfect too. Get a perfect body through the ressurection....counting down til then! I et it has been awesome watching each other grow and progress over the last 11 years. Hope you have a great anniversary!