Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Latest letter to fam

Hey there my dear family!

It’s been a while since I’ve written an officially family letter, so I thought I’d write a much over-due update on what we’ve been up to. My poor brother Brian never hears from me on his mission in Mexico…I did better with my three other missionary siblings.
Life with four kids under four sure is busy! It just never stops…there is always a baby to nurse, a child to feed, a diaper to change, a bottom to wipe, a nap to be taken, stories to read, a meal to fix, laundry to do, dishes to wash, the house to clean, etc., etc. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!! I love my four little chittlin’s and am loving this time in my life when I can be with them.
Logan and Tanner are now Sunbeams at church. And let me tell ya…it hasn’t been the easiest transition. They really liked nursery with the toys and snack so when they went into primary and had to sit a majority of the church time, they weren’t too fond of it. It’s getting a little better each week and they’ve even had a chance to give the prayer, scripture, and Logan gave a talk on Sunday. They have two wonderful sunbeam teachers and are starting to get used to the idea.
The Brighton movie theater has recently had their children’s film festival, so the last couple weeks we’ve seen Mr. Magorium’s wonderful Emprorium, and Alvin and the chipmunks for freeJ They also have something here called “the Adventure Pass” where you can check out passes at the library for local museums, so a few weeks ago we went to Cranbrook Institute of Science and the Hands-on museum in Lansing. The kids and I still go to story time at the library and bookstore, as well as all our little playgroups, moms clubs, MOPS, playdates, and other child activities with friends and in the comminuty, bookclub, etc.
We have decided to register Logan and Tanner for pre-school in the fall. They will be going to the pre-school that is at the high school. I think Logan and Tanner will enjoy this, and seem to crave structured-type learning situations. They are both smart as whips, and social as can be, so we’re not really doing it for the academics, but I think they will benefit from the structure (following directions, listening to the teacher, having structured, themed lessons, circle time, etc.) It will be a nice break for me a couple times a week to help me re-charge as well and give me a few hours with just the two babies.
Scott recently got called to be a stake auditor. He basically goes around to the different wards in the stake and meets with the financial clerk and audits their tithing. He seems to like it, although it will make some Sundays interesting for me with the four kids by myself. Luckily I have lots of people who have volunteered to help me in sacrament meeting. I am on the enrichment committee. Right now we are planning a RS overnight retreat for the sisters in May, which should be fun as well as the RS birthday party coming up. I’m also the Young Women personal progress advisor and play piano in YW. I am working on doing my personal progress again. I did it as a youth, but the program has changed since then. Really I don’t have too much responsibility at church right now which is a nice break.
We recently got our family photos taken by a friend and photographer Jean Smith, which was fun. We plan to get them taken again this fall when the babies are almost one.
Scott and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary on March 21st…it’s been a great 11 years! This has been a long winter since we’ve been inside more than normal (it’s a lot of effort to take all four kids places all the time). Luckily within the first three months of the year is my birthday, Scott’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our anniversary (and this year Easter)…it makes winter a little more tolerable when there are a few fun things every so often.
I got my haircut a couple weeks ago…I’m not loving it, but it will grow back right??:)
Mallory and Preston had their 4 month check up yesterday. They are hovering around 13 pounds…got all their shots, etc. I talked to the doctor…she was telling me when it’s good to introduce certain foods to babies. I jokingly said I’d rather just nurse them and not introduce food because it’s too much of a pain. She surprisingly said that babies actually don’t need anything else besides their mother’s milk for the first year. I talked to her about it for a while and have decided I’m going to nurse Mallory and Preston until they are at least 18 months and not introduce food until they are one. Some people may think I’m weird, but I think it will be good, and I actually feel relieved that I can put off dealing with cereal, baby food, etc. I didn’t like that stage…so messy! It’ much easier to nurse them…I guess I’m just lazy really.
I have started a blog…the address is: that I plan to update regularly.
Brenda is planning to come to Michigan May 14-21, so I am excited about that.
Friday we are going to the mall to see the Easter Bunny and get pictures, play at the play area and go out to lunch, which should be fun.
I just talked to my parents and they say their area is different than their old one…more money, stronger ward, young families, newer houses…it’s a nice area, but missionary work is slower since the people aren’t as humble as they were in Needles.
Well, I’m being paged (Mallory is hungry and cryingJ)…so that means my letter is done. I’ll try to write more later when I can…Love you all!



  1. YAY!!! I didn't know that you had a blog...I'm glad you commented on my I can add you to my blog faves!!!

    Hey...nice pictures...who's the cool chick who took them???

  2. Hi Julie-
    I found your blog while doing a google search for "imagination station" and I clicked on your blog and I realized I know you from MOPS! I didn't go much last year, it was hard to get out during nap times. I want to say you are my hero! You take 4 young children to so many places, I really should start taking my kids to museums too. Anyhow, way to go on the 18 month breastfeeding goal, we just reached 12 months here. Your little ones are beautiful : )