Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tanner's Mowhawk

Tanner is so funny...every night when he gets out of the bathtub he wants to comb his hair into a mowhawk:) After a few nights of this I was getting a little concerned about his desire to have a "rebellious" hair style and asked him why he combs it that which he replied that he wants to look like a dinosaur...and the mowhawk is like the spikes going down the dinosaurs back:) Fine...I can handle biggie...then we went to the zoo and he wanted to gel his hair into a mowhawk...hmmm:) (See pictures below from our recent trip to Potter Park Zoo...they love to have their pictures taken in those little peek-through things)... Anyways, so I'm allowing him freedom of expression in his dino-mowhawk. Hoping this phase will pass quickly. It surely can't last as long as Logan's goggle phase, for those of you that remember that one:) Gotta love kids!

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