Tuesday, July 7, 2009


As kind of a continuation of the theme of my last post (self-reliance)...I have decided to try grocery shopping with coupons. I follow a few blogs of people who are saving hundreds of dollars each month just by doing coupons...they try to basically match things that are on sale with the coupons they already have. I've never given coupons a real try...seems like such a hastle...but according to some of the blogs I read, if you take the time to clip coupons and print them online, it can save soooo much money.

Is anyone else using lots of coupons and trying to save massive amounts of money?? I'd love to hear any tips:)



  1. Yep, i started using this site a few months ago and love it! i'll always do coupons now.


    i would love to use couponsense.com but its $15/month.

    call me if you have questions.

    im typing one-handed cuz im holding brody lol

  2. Let me know the secret because I clip coupons from the paper and after I make my grocery list, the coupons don't help much. It is still cheaper to buy generic than brand with a coupon. I hear about all the savings too but it hasn't worked for me.

  3. Here are two great sites that I found...they show you the deals and coupons


    This one is more for electronic deals..so like a man coupon place


    Also on babycenter they have a forum


    Hope that helps you.

  4. I do it faithfully and save gobs of money. I haven't paid more than $2 for a bag of Huggies or Pampers in over a year. Love it!
    www.hotcouponworld.com is a good place to go for general info, but I think a lot of the people on slickdeals are shady/dishonest.
    Good luck!!!!