Thursday, July 30, 2009

Michigan Historical Museum

Last Saturday we took the kids to the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing. When I taught 4th grade we would go to the museum each year as well as take a tour of the Capital building because our social studies all year was about Michigan History. I love this museum and thought the kids were old enough now to visit it. The museum shows everything about Michigan's history from the glaciers, right up to present day. It really is pretty great and the kids loved it. Unfortunately one of the floors was unders construction so we'll have to go back to see that sometime. Anyways, for anyone that lives around here, this makes a great educational field trip for the many cool things to look at, and it's FREE! (with free parking on the weekends and only $1/hr on it's a bargain)...and the Capital building gives free tours every half hour...anyways, we had a great are just s few pics...

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  1. I would have loved to go. We'll have to check it out. Thanks!