Monday, February 16, 2009

The Love Dare

Ok, so I think the picture is sideways, and I'm too lazy to change it:)...but I wanted to share this as a little "post-valentine's" thought. As part of Scott's Valentine's gift I bought him this book called "The Love Dare". We watched the movied called "Fireproof" last week and really enjoyed it. It's about a couple who uses this book, "The Love Dare" to strengthen their marriage. The book and movie kind of go together and are Christian based and I really recommend both. So basically, the book is a 40 day challenge. Each night you read a new section and then there is a dare or challenge at the end. Each day the focus is something different and the dare could be anything from a small act of kindness, making a list of your partners best qualities, discussing certain differences, etc. etc. We have started it and are doing it after our nightly prayers each night and are really enjoying it. I recommend it:) Scott and I are going to be on a marriage panel this Saturday evening for a marriage workshop at church. We are supposed to talk about "how we stay connected in marriage". I think I will tell a little about this book during that. I also recently started a blog that is only for the two of share love notes with each other:) share our feelings, thoughts, and sentiments. It has been fun to write back and forth to each other on the blog. How do all of you stay connected in marriage...I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas as I'm preparing for what to say this Saturday:)



  1. What a smart idea. We have yet to see that movie, though I've heard from others, also, that it's good, so maybe next time we rent movies it will be on our list!

    As far as the marriage thing goes, for us it has been a lot about the acknowledgement that keeping our relationship strong actually takes effort. Recently we've had several friends and aquaintances announce their impending divorces, and Chris and I just keep talking about how many people are so fast to take an easy out when they get bored or things get tough. We also like to talk about why we appreciate each other's differences, instead of that being something that drives us apart. Finally, we've found it vital to find something we enjoy doing together, not just as a couple, but also as a family, and we make a point to do it as often as is possible. For us it has been going camping/viewing and photographing wildlife (see my blog from ealier tonight:). Just a few of my thoughts...
    Good luck with your "panel" thing!

  2. Hey Julie, I read your blog alot and love what you do and how you do it with 4 under 4. Shew...can I say super woman! I haven't heard of "Fireproof" and the "Love Dare" but I love it and will definatly try it out. Every couple needs something. Thanks for the info~

  3. Julie, I've been wanting to see you have it or did you rent it? If it's yours, can I borrow it? You'll be awesome on the panel. Sorry we'll miss it.

  4. Thanks Julie for posting this. I picked up the book and movie the other day. I think it sounds like such a great way to stay connected.

    Thanks again!

  5. OK, i bought that book for my sister, and started to read it...and I think I want it now! I can't wait to see how you feel about it in the end! :) Alie

  6. We just got fireproof in the mail from netflix after hearing your raving review!