Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Scottie!!!

Today is Scott's birthday so the kids and I went to his work to surprise him and bring balloons and cupcakes:) The boys had a great time sneaking in to surprise him:) I pretty much show up at his work almost every year with some kind of surprise, so by now, he pretty much knows I'm coming, but it's still fun:) It was funny because right before we got there I called Scott, and while on the phone, I said that we had just left story time at the library, even though we hadn't, because I didn't want to blow our cover. After I got off the phone, Logan said..."Mom! You just told Daddy a LIE..We weren't at storytime!" I then proceeded to have to explain why it was ok to lie in order to surprise Daddy, but it's not ok any other time. Kids!...they catch everything!

We had cake this evening...

...and had fun celebrating his birthday at Scott's favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse:) And of course, while Scott was in the restroom, I snagged the waitress to bring Scott out his birthday dessert:) (anyone who knows Scott, knows he doesn't like his I feel extra compelled to make it a big deal...and embarrassing him at the restaurant is just part of that:)


  1. Happy birthday scott! Thats cute to go to his work. Julie I really like your hair like that. really cute and you look so thin!!!