Friday, October 10, 2008

Yesterday was the boys first day of pre-school. They are going to Pooh's Corner at Brighton High School. It is actually a pre-school run by the high school students that are taking a block class in child development. So, the boys are going two afternoons a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday was they met their teachers...there are two "real teachers" and then they met some of the high school students. I like the ratio because there are always two teachers plus 4-6 high schoolers in the room at a time, who all seemed wonderful. They got to explore their classroom which is very nice (and big!)...and they found their cubbies, hooks, bathrooms:), and all the centers and play areas. They went right in with no hesitation and had a great time! Scott and I went to the parent meeting in an adjacent classroom while the boys were in the pre-school part...I am extremely impressed by the is very organized with the themes, lesson plans, learning objectives, special days and events, field trips, daily schedule, etc.

One funny thing was that the whole time I had talked up this pre-school thing to the boys, they thought they would be riding the school bus! When I told them I'd be dropping them off and picking them up, they were highly disappointed:) Also, Logan was very excited to find out there are two other Logan's in his class so he gets to be "Logan B." (and we thought we were so original in naming him:)

So here are a few pics from their first day...


  1. That's good to know about that program at the HS. I've been wondering if I'd try preschool next year when they are 3...although I don't really know if that's the right age or not. That's funny about the school bus. Yeah, I guess that often is one of the big highlights of going to school. Heck, they learn "the people on the bus go bump, bump, bump...." song super early. So they already have a fascination with buses! Beep, beep...bump, bump....etc. Hey, it was nice seeing your this morning. Did I ask you if you were going to Spicer's with the LAPOM group on Monday? I'm going!

  2. Oh, Pooh's Corner! I remember walking by that room when we were in high school and always thought I would be sending my kids there eventually. Hope they have fun. My boys LOVED preschool. Slade's in Pre-K and currently singing (over and over and over) the months of the year and the days of the week to the tune of the Addams Family song.

  3. Cute!! I totally dropped the ball on enrolling Cohen in Preschool and now he's on the wait list. I've been doing pre-school lessons with him at home, but he asks me everyday.."Mommy... did my school call yet??". I fell like mother of the year.. haha