Saturday, October 4, 2008

BHS Homecoming Parade

As a former BHS alum, I feel it is my duty to support our football team:) tonight we went to the Homecoming Parade in downtown Brighton. It was fun for me to think back to homecoming when I was in highschool. I was a band geek, so I remember marching down the parade route looking like a dork just like the band did tonight:)...but oh, such fun memories...freezing my little rear off every football game:) My dad and two brothers LOVE Brighton football...and Gary and Brian each played on the team. I'm sure they would have liked to go to the game tonight:) However, we only went to the's a little too cold for my liking tonight:)

Anyways, so here are a couple on the porch right before we left for the parage(bad pic of the kids, but hey), one of us waiting for the parade to start, Scott on baby duty, cheerleaders mid-air jump (I thought this pic was was a total fluke that they jumped right as I snapped it:), and the boys with their candy stash. They got pretty good at soliciting candy from all the people in the parade as they went by:) We had a good time...then came home and enjoyed pumpkin pie (from Costco:)...yum, my fav. It was a fun night:)


  1. I wished I was back in MI. I used to love doing all that stuff.

  2. Speaking of looking look younger than ever! Seriously, it's so cool to hear from you! Your babies, all four, are so stinkin' cute! Are the boys twins too? They look close in age. You guys look so happy and it's so fun to be able to catch up - I LOVE blogs!! Thanks for getting in touch, I added you guys to my blog list as well. I love having other moms with stuff in common to read about. I'm so grateful to all you guys, the great friends and examples I had when we were at the Institute. My life would have been so different without you all, and the gospel! Take care.

  3. that picture of the cheerleaders jumping turned out awesome!