Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tanner and Logan's Halloween Party

Today was the boys Halloween party at school and they had a great time! (And I have to admit that I did too!) I absolutely LOVE their teacher Mrs. Tamblyn. She has been teaching for 23 years and is just amazing. About a month ago she asked if I would be the PTO parent rep. and room mom for the class. And since I'm a "I-don't-know-how-to-say-no" kind of person...I agreed!:) Seriously though, I am really enjoying being able to help out in the classroom so much. When I taught fourth grade, I so appreciated parent volunteers, so now I feel like I can "give back" in a way. Having been a teacher myself, I feel comfortable stepping up and doing all the things she asks me to do...planning the holiday parties, being the book order mom, etc. because I have done all those things before and feel confident in a school/teacher type setting. So, for the Halloween party, Mrs. Tamblyn basically handed me the tub of Halloween stuff and said..."here ya go, plan whatever you want and let me know if you need anything:)" So I came up with 6 games that I think were a hit, along with food, decorations, etc. Here are a few pics from the party. Happy Halloween!


  1. i wish i were talented like that. i never will be sadly. but if i ever have to do something like that, i know who i'm coming to!

  2. That looks like so much fun!

    You'll have to pass me your ideas for the class's Christmas party. So far, all we have is Polar Express and it's not winning any votes. Last year, we did reindeers.