Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing in the Leaves

The year just wouldn't be complete without some pictures of the kids playing in the leaves. I took 67 of them:)...I'll spare you and just randomly post 5 of them: I was trying to be all "photographer-wannabe" but with no luck. Then last night we had a photo session with a friend of mine who is starting her photography business. She sent me a sneak peek with a few pics from last night...and man did she blow me out of the water! They turned out darling. I'm going to make sure it's ok with her before I post them on here... But she was wonderful! She spent so much time with us and went the extra mile to get the great shots. Stay tuned...


  1. please print the last one and frame it!

  2. I love fall photos. I think it's the switch in color tones from spring/summer.

    I used to use fake leaves for these shots when I lived in CA. LOL. What a loser!!!