Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Love VG's!!

I have to put a little plug in for VG's which is just the best grocery store ever!...for a couple reasons... First of all...they have the best race car carts! Check out the pictures'll notice that they have not one,...but TWO seats up top for TWO babies to go in! Mallory and Preston love to be up and looking at me, so they love this! Secondly, there are not one,...but TWO seats for the boys to sit in and drive the while I shop, they drive! Plus there is plenty of room for the groceries! Whoever invented this cart was thinking of me!...Thank you!! Now, the tricky part is that sometimes someone else is using I have to pray as I drive to VG's that the four-seater race car cart is there:)...luckily usually it is:) And if not...someone in the store will track it down for me!!'s a pic of Mallory...ready to go to VG's to get her birthday cake...the kids in the store...and the cakes...:)

Also...the other reason I love VG's is that they give FREE cakes for your child's first birthday! Since as long as the store has been open, they always give free cakes for a first or hundredth birthday! So we went to order Mallory and Preston's cake and I suggested they could have one cake with neutral colors and just put both of their names on it...but the nice bakery lady was, they both get their own cake!:) So nice! So yeah...I got $32 worth of free cake...score!! Gotta love VG's...not to mention, VG's has the best produce, awesome salad bar, deli, and bakery:) Love that place!...pretty pathetic I'm blogging about grocery stores, but hey, it's the small things in life that bring me joy:) So here's Mallory ready to go to VG's to pick up her birthday cake...and the kids at the store...and their birthday cakes (that were yummy by the way!)...


  1. GET OUT!!!! TWO steering wheels!!!! I run through the entrance of Meijer each time trying to dodge their cars while the boys point and loudly voice their opinion on getting in the car. I can't put them in it though because there is only 1 steering wheel and we remember exactly what happened the ONE time I got the dumb car cart. So I hate those things now. So that's so awesome that VG's has carts with 2 steering wheels. And double bonus about the double seat as well. Man, every store needs those carts!

  2. I LOVE the pic of the kids in the shopping cart! =0)